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Marketing for

Theme Park Suppliers

I've been helping theme park suppliers get noticed, get buzz, and get business since early 2016, first as Marketing Creative Director for ProSlide, and since then as Chief Strategic Officer for themeparX and through private consulting with suppliers around the world.


I've worked with dozens of suppliers - from global leaders to mom and pop - helping with strategic messaging, creative direction, online and website marketing, trade shows, SEO, and much, much more.

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My work with


I was Marketing Creative Director for ProSlide - the global leader in water slide manufacturing and water park transformation - for 3 years. During that time I led a major rebrand, a complete website redesign, partner initiatives, several global campaigns, global tradeshows, and much more

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My work with


As Chief Strategic Officer for the themeparX Supplier 100, I work every day with industry suppliers to help them increase their exposure, maximize their presence, and get found online.

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My work as

John Collins Consulting

As an independent consultant, I've worked with global theme park suppliers from Italy to France to California, Florida and beyond. I've helped them find their message, focus their marketing, foster their relationships, and fill their wallets.

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